I have a dilenma. It's political. I usually leave these things to userillusion. I read today that Ralph Nader is entering the election. I really respect a lot of his politics. I even voted for him in the last election out of principle. If Gore and the Democrats weren't willing to do what it took to get my vote well then tough for them. When Gore lost, I didn't feel too sorry for him. They better learn their lesson for 2004 I said. Well here it is 4 years later, I'm sick of Bush and I'm not sure if I have the balls to vote for Nader this year. But I can't just be givin my votes out for free. Black people always blindly votin for Democrats and they damn sure don't respect us for it. Well we'll see. The Democrats better get their shit together, that's for damn sure.
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all taxi drivers should be mute

Hello World,

Every form of transportation- bus,subway,taxi- has its good and bad points. Though the subway is cheaper, I risk my life trying to take it during peak hours. During these peak hours (when people are getting on/off work) the subways are completely packed. Now when I say packed perhaps you think oh there are just a lot of people... NO! I mean it is physically impossible to get on the subway. One morning I walked the 10plus minutes plus (in the rain) to discover I was unable to get on the subway yet again. I have to make a choice between saving money and having breathing priveleges for a half an hour, I'll have to choose the latter. Which leaves me with taxis.

Taxis are nice because they provide you with door to door service. Unlike Detroit here you have to call taxis and wait for it to come and get you, Taxis in Beijing rome free and I usually do not have wait longer than 5 minutes to get one.

Now the bad- I like SILENCE in the car during my morning commute and many mornings I get this. However there are those drivers who see me as their opportunity for intellectual stimulation (which I suppose I cannot blame them for) and I wouldn't mind engaging in except EVERY SINGLE EFFING DRIVER starts their conversations the exact same way: Where are you from?, How long have you been in China?, Do you like China? Are you used to eating Chinese food? blah blah blah
I always say I could just put all the answers on a card.
One of my friends jokes that you could teach a person who can't speak any Chinese to memorize 5 phrases and it would appear to a taxi driver that the person could speak Chinese.

Anyway, I have now learned to sit in the back and give short, vague answers to avoid this monotony. However, the drivers have found a new way to irritate me.

The place I work at in in a very obscure location so even if I were to tell a driver from the get go exactly where I work they wouldn't know it so I just tell them to go to the Temple near by. Unfortunately as soon as we get on the street of the temple, the drivers starts getting upset that he is no longer in control of the journey because he doesn't know exactly where we're going. So every two minutes they'll ask still straight ahead? Where are you going exactly... whine whine whine. Indescribably irritating! People are always trying to find professions for handicapped people blind massueses etc. I think there's a huge market for mute taxi drivers!

Have you heard Strom Thrumond has a Black daughter? All I can say is that I am not surprised one bit. All that surprises me is that some enterprising journalist didn't bust this out while the old bastard was still alive.

One more thing, "Rosa Parks" is trying to sue Outkast for the song they have by the same name. The reason I put Mrs. Parks' name in quotations is because I strongly suspect Mrs. Parks is not the real motivation behind this. I mean really. What was she chillin at the crib one night listening to her WJLB (it's six o'clock baby, it's six o'clock baby) and heard this offensive song? I think not. When I graduated from high school I met Rosa Parks at her scholarship ceremony. Even then it was clear to me that Mrs. Parks is not in charge of her own life. They march her in an out like a pedigree puppy on parade or rather one of those cut out cardboard figures.
I suspect this a plot on behalf of her people to get money out of the group.

I read the song is false advertisement and used her name without permission. As a result she wants all future references to her by the group removed from songs, albums and videos. So okay, if that's all she really wants. I say they go ahead and oblige her as a sign of respect but if there is $omething more nefariou$ in the work$...

It's just so sad that there's really no one to stand up for her best interests...
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Laser Tag!

I'm coming down from a laser tag high. It was my friend Parsons' birthday. Can you believe I have 35 year old friends? Dude I'm getting up there. Anyway, I hadn't played laser tag since I was an AKA Teen in high school and let me tell you it showed. I don't know why the military is trippin about gays in the military cause I'll tell you the way I shot tonight nobody would want my hetero-sexual behind trying to protect the country.

And to think I almost didn't go. I went to Nicks house to check in on the animals (did I mention there are also 2 chickens that I have to put into a box and place in one of the bathrooms everynight so they dont freeze to death or something). I've been reading Nick's copy of Red China Blues. Its about a Chinese Canadian woman who goes to China during the Cultural Revolution to join the Communist/Maoist revolution... its fascinating it makes me realize I don't know China at all in comparison and I need to find a way to better understand it ... if that's even possible. A big part of the reason I think she's able to understand it so well is because she is ethnically Chinese and can blend in which CERTAINLY can never do here. I get so sick of being a foreigner all the time. People are always asking "Where are you from?" I feel like it's not because people care about you and are interested but because they want to put you in a category. It's kind of like when people ask what you do for a living back in the States. If you're from a "good" Western country that's ok but given that I'm Black people often think I'm from an African country which of course doesn't get put on the pedestal. I have hugely contradictory issues about this. Before nationality I'm BLACK. Not just to fill out a box on a census or SAT form but really BLACK. It's a huge part of my identity. When people pass me on the street and say "feizhouren" (African). I bristle. "Why is this person making assumptions about me? Don't they know Black people live all over the world?" What really gets me is when I tell a taxi driver or shop keeper I'm American and they tell me "bu xiang" (you don't look it) "Don't they KNOW there are Black people in the US?? What? 'cause I'm not White I'm not American?" But then I start thinking "But hey you ARE African ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE AFRICAN. Of course our African-ness isn't the same as those people who are born in raised there but still" With any other ethnicity its perfectly acceptable to identify someone by their continent/country. Asians,Italians, Middle Easterners this type of labeling is alright for everyone but us. We seems to think the label "African" is an accusation. The comment that really gets me is when I walk by and I hear one Chinese say to another. "The Black people are so dark!" hat comment used to really irritate me. Until I realized what a stupid comment is is. (It's not like Chinese people understand the concept of varying shades of blackness. Anyone not dark is not thought of as really Black. Anyone the Love Princess' color or lighter seems to be relegated into another racial category...) So given that they realize I'm Black what are they expecting? Blond hair? Blue eyes?? If I'm talking to a person I'll probably never see again. I say I'm from an African country. Others-usually people I meet through work- who say "oh you're American? I thought you were African. I knew a Nigerian who looks just like you!" I just say that I'm ethically African but an American citizen

Anyway, I've completely digressed. Back to house/pet sitting. As I was sitting there I started feeling sleepy and decided to take the shortest of naps and leave the house at 8. That sleepy feeling is really delusionary. I know good and well I'm not able to take 20 minute naps! But try I did and awoke after 9. The bed was so warm and the house was so peaceful I considered not leaving. But in the end my not wanting to be perceived as a ho who doesn't show up when she says she will prevailed. As I arrived I discovered there weren't many people I knew in attendance. I discovered later *none* of them were planning to attend laser tag. I panicked, looking for an excuse, a phantom illness, appointment that I could claim to get me out of this... but alas I could think of nothing plausible and (again) I didn't want to go the way of the ho. In the end there were able 10 of us. We had a great time. We played three rounds. If you ever have a group of people who need to break the ice I highly recommend laser tag.

I didn't mean to go on so long. The room I'm in is freezing. I'm off to bed.

(I hope everyone states side realizes my time of posting is thirteen hours ahead of you which means while you all are still slavig away at work, my weekend has begun!)

An interesting article about LOTR movie mistakes.
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afro picks

Can some one help me find a picture of an afro pick? Everyone has a graphic to represent them on the LJ but me. I want something that shows my Black pride without actually using a picture of myself... A picture of a girl with a pick might be nice... I tried to find one myself but... let's just say I was let than successful. I tried to find a black fist but I got mostly porn sites...(eew) who knows what that's about.

Love Princess ROCKS

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen that's why she's called the LOVE Princess because she does those things that make you LOVE her. Oh Yes. The Love Princess' Christmas Gift arrived today. I walked into work this morning and there was a box on my desk. I debated about ten minutes whether to open it now or wait until Christmas. I noticed the customs declaration form it read "christmas-gift" book. I thought "Christmas Book?" "Why would Amanda get me a book about Christmas and then put it in such a big box?

I opened the book to find ... (drum roll) A RIGHT TO BE HOSTILE THE BOONDOCKS TREASURY


How did the Love Princess know that I have the first two books but was missing this third and most recent part of the collection. Is she the Psychic Love Princess?? Dude!

I'm really worried know because I'm not sure if the LOve Princess can possibly Love what I got her the way I love what she got me . (It does make me glad I decided against sending a fruit basket)

Can I really love this way again?

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Ah! Alone again in the office having lunch.

Feels so good!

From now on I will not answer the phone when I am in the office at lunch time! Damn someone just called for Zhang Dong. Chinese people can be so trifling sometimes. When I answered the phone the woman asked to speak to ZD. I said "he's eating now, is this an important matter?" she says "yes. this is his aunt." I get ZD. No when ZD gets on the phone I can hear him saying "I'm eating... that's ok blah blah." In other words she's going to act like she didn't know he was busy and apologize for disturbing him.

For those of you who don't know alot about China: in the name of progress (and the 2008 Olympics) the government wants to do all of this reconstruction so they are making people who live in certain areas move out of their homes so they can be torn down and rebuilt as something that will make China look like a big time country. Anyway Z to the D was one of the many people who got tapped to move. The government will give them a subsidy for their trouble but I guess they had to find a new place BEFORE they knew exactly how much the subsidy would be. Anyway... I'm not clear on all the details but after they quickly bought the new place they decided to sell it and buy an even better place. However now, the new place has been sold, its time to move out of the old place and they have no where to go... So this hurried phone call from his aunt had something to do with that.

Like I was saying about ma doufu. We had it for lunch today! Ma Doufu is a kind of toufu that is very soft and creamy and tastes like a combination of cheese and pate. We haven't had it in forever. Other than that lunch was rather uneventful. If you ask most Americans what they think Chinese people eat for an average meal they'll probably tell you stuff like Toufu, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, tree bark, and the occasional dog. If you ask them what they think we eat they'll probably think something along the lines of what you can find in McDonalds, Pizza Hut and KFC (remind me to finish this KFC/fast food thing later). For the most part we're both wrong.

Chinese people eat a lot more meat than people realize. Not eating is associated with being poor and not being able to afford meat. We eat vegetarian in out office most of the time to keep thecost per person down (we also have two vegetarians in our office) While most foreign guests probably just assume this is how Chinese people eat all the time, Chinese guests ALWAYS remark "oh, you all are eating vegetarian." Anyway, this was just a small cultural point I found amusing and would like to bring up...

(more on us fast food in china later)

BTW, Saddam was captured yesterday. I feel oddly disapointed...
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Casualty of a Heat War

I just realized Zhang Dong has to die and it must be me who kills him. It's too bad because he's really a nice guy.

He just turned down the heat AGAIN! Not only did he turn down the heat. He left one of the doors open so any remaining heat will be sucked out of the room!!!

It's particularly freezing outside today; we had a dusting of snow last night. And this fool thinks its a good idea to leave the door open!

W're the only two people in the office today. I thought he might try to act a little bit reasonable.

He must go... now... how shall I commit this dirty deed?
Poison in the tea? Keyboard electrocution? Old fashioned hand-to hand combat? There are so many choices. I will have to wait another day to thoroughly implement my plan...

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Is anyone out there?

I thought it would be kind of a pain to keep up the LJ.. but it's actually quite addictive. I'm drawn to the site!

Nothing really exciting to report since the last time I wrote.
I'm writing from my apt this time.
I'm bored.
I stayed home to work, as usual a didn't get as much done as I planned...

Has anyone seen the color purple (the movie!)? I bought the dvd a while back and I'm trying to hype myself up to watch it... My weekend looks good. I've got a murder mystery Friday night, a going away party for one of our murder mystery members Saturday night and plans to watch Antoine Fisher with a friend Sunday. Anyone who has not seen this movie SEE IT IMMEDIATELY! It is absolutely beautiful. I saw dead presidents a while back too it was beautiful in a very disturbing/haunting way. I cannot bring myself to watch it again...

Alright... I'm really rambling... don't want to get over exposed like beyonce. Speaking of which E.E found what he claims is naked pictures of beyonce. It's so not her but he does not believe me. He has trouble telling famous people apart. I wish I had a dollar for everytime he asked me: isn't that Lauryn Hill or Tyrese or DMX? Are you sure?

Ok I'm going for real now.

Hello World

This is my very first Live Journal Entry. I'm not really technically proficient so try not to have too many great and grand expectations of me.

Thanksgiving just passed. I planned this big all African-American Thanksgiving. The date got changed at the last minute and I decided to protest by not attending. Of course I'm not sure if it can be really called a protest since I pretended to have work to finish as opposed to saying my ego was bruised by having the date changed with out my "approval." Though I do not regret no attending, I know it was childish not to go. Two people sent me emails thanking me for spearheading the event. I feel better.

I'm trying to better develop my interests. In a way, I feel like my life revolves around my boyfriend. Which is true and untrue all at the same time. We're both very much homebodies so it's very normal for both of us to stay home and hang out together but when he wants to go and hang out with his friends for long periods of time I get kind of bitchy and I vow to spend more time "out" to spite him. But the truth is without other things/people in my life I feel unfulfilled. I envy the unity that my boyfriend has with his countrymates and I wish I could have the same thing with mine... Hence the starting of the Beijing African American Society. No, this is not an oxymoron. I'm not the only one here. In fact, there are At least 12 others that I know of and dozens more that I do not.
I have posted an announcement in our local English magazine which loads of people read so...

I have also within the last few months started gaming again which I'm thrilled about. We've played D&D (3rd Edition) a few times. Our D&D is great. But mostly we get together and do murder mysteries, which I love too. I'm really starting to feel like I belong to a group of my own. I'm not sure yet how high I rank but for now it feels good to be asked along. (Which, sadly, is far more than any of my African-American 'friends' do)

And finally, I've gotten back into cooking! I made an egg nog last week, a sweet potato pie on Sunday and beef stew Monday. The egg nog was good just not enough of it. The pie itself was good the crust was terrible (the boyfriend liked it though) and my beef was soft like butta!!

Unfortunately Chinese people do not cook with ovens therefor most apartments do not have one. I am forced to use one of those tiny electric toaster ovens!

One more thought. People seem to think I live this very Chinese lifestyle and I must just feel like I am one with the hearts and souls of Chinese people.

I don't.