BLACKberry (black_berry623) wrote,

Is anyone out there?

I thought it would be kind of a pain to keep up the LJ.. but it's actually quite addictive. I'm drawn to the site!

Nothing really exciting to report since the last time I wrote.
I'm writing from my apt this time.
I'm bored.
I stayed home to work, as usual a didn't get as much done as I planned...

Has anyone seen the color purple (the movie!)? I bought the dvd a while back and I'm trying to hype myself up to watch it... My weekend looks good. I've got a murder mystery Friday night, a going away party for one of our murder mystery members Saturday night and plans to watch Antoine Fisher with a friend Sunday. Anyone who has not seen this movie SEE IT IMMEDIATELY! It is absolutely beautiful. I saw dead presidents a while back too it was beautiful in a very disturbing/haunting way. I cannot bring myself to watch it again...

Alright... I'm really rambling... don't want to get over exposed like beyonce. Speaking of which E.E found what he claims is naked pictures of beyonce. It's so not her but he does not believe me. He has trouble telling famous people apart. I wish I had a dollar for everytime he asked me: isn't that Lauryn Hill or Tyrese or DMX? Are you sure?

Ok I'm going for real now.
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