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all taxi drivers should be mute

Hello World,

Every form of transportation- bus,subway,taxi- has its good and bad points. Though the subway is cheaper, I risk my life trying to take it during peak hours. During these peak hours (when people are getting on/off work) the subways are completely packed. Now when I say packed perhaps you think oh there are just a lot of people... NO! I mean it is physically impossible to get on the subway. One morning I walked the 10plus minutes plus (in the rain) to discover I was unable to get on the subway yet again. I have to make a choice between saving money and having breathing priveleges for a half an hour, I'll have to choose the latter. Which leaves me with taxis.

Taxis are nice because they provide you with door to door service. Unlike Detroit here you have to call taxis and wait for it to come and get you, Taxis in Beijing rome free and I usually do not have wait longer than 5 minutes to get one.

Now the bad- I like SILENCE in the car during my morning commute and many mornings I get this. However there are those drivers who see me as their opportunity for intellectual stimulation (which I suppose I cannot blame them for) and I wouldn't mind engaging in except EVERY SINGLE EFFING DRIVER starts their conversations the exact same way: Where are you from?, How long have you been in China?, Do you like China? Are you used to eating Chinese food? blah blah blah
I always say I could just put all the answers on a card.
One of my friends jokes that you could teach a person who can't speak any Chinese to memorize 5 phrases and it would appear to a taxi driver that the person could speak Chinese.

Anyway, I have now learned to sit in the back and give short, vague answers to avoid this monotony. However, the drivers have found a new way to irritate me.

The place I work at in in a very obscure location so even if I were to tell a driver from the get go exactly where I work they wouldn't know it so I just tell them to go to the Temple near by. Unfortunately as soon as we get on the street of the temple, the drivers starts getting upset that he is no longer in control of the journey because he doesn't know exactly where we're going. So every two minutes they'll ask still straight ahead? Where are you going exactly... whine whine whine. Indescribably irritating! People are always trying to find professions for handicapped people blind massueses etc. I think there's a huge market for mute taxi drivers!

Have you heard Strom Thrumond has a Black daughter? All I can say is that I am not surprised one bit. All that surprises me is that some enterprising journalist didn't bust this out while the old bastard was still alive.

One more thing, "Rosa Parks" is trying to sue Outkast for the song they have by the same name. The reason I put Mrs. Parks' name in quotations is because I strongly suspect Mrs. Parks is not the real motivation behind this. I mean really. What was she chillin at the crib one night listening to her WJLB (it's six o'clock baby, it's six o'clock baby) and heard this offensive song? I think not. When I graduated from high school I met Rosa Parks at her scholarship ceremony. Even then it was clear to me that Mrs. Parks is not in charge of her own life. They march her in an out like a pedigree puppy on parade or rather one of those cut out cardboard figures.
I suspect this a plot on behalf of her people to get money out of the group.

I read the song is false advertisement and used her name without permission. As a result she wants all future references to her by the group removed from songs, albums and videos. So okay, if that's all she really wants. I say they go ahead and oblige her as a sign of respect but if there is $omething more nefariou$ in the work$...

It's just so sad that there's really no one to stand up for her best interests...
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