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Laser Tag!

I'm coming down from a laser tag high. It was my friend Parsons' birthday. Can you believe I have 35 year old friends? Dude I'm getting up there. Anyway, I hadn't played laser tag since I was an AKA Teen in high school and let me tell you it showed. I don't know why the military is trippin about gays in the military cause I'll tell you the way I shot tonight nobody would want my hetero-sexual behind trying to protect the country.

And to think I almost didn't go. I went to Nicks house to check in on the animals (did I mention there are also 2 chickens that I have to put into a box and place in one of the bathrooms everynight so they dont freeze to death or something). I've been reading Nick's copy of Red China Blues. Its about a Chinese Canadian woman who goes to China during the Cultural Revolution to join the Communist/Maoist revolution... its fascinating it makes me realize I don't know China at all in comparison and I need to find a way to better understand it ... if that's even possible. A big part of the reason I think she's able to understand it so well is because she is ethnically Chinese and can blend in which CERTAINLY can never do here. I get so sick of being a foreigner all the time. People are always asking "Where are you from?" I feel like it's not because people care about you and are interested but because they want to put you in a category. It's kind of like when people ask what you do for a living back in the States. If you're from a "good" Western country that's ok but given that I'm Black people often think I'm from an African country which of course doesn't get put on the pedestal. I have hugely contradictory issues about this. Before nationality I'm BLACK. Not just to fill out a box on a census or SAT form but really BLACK. It's a huge part of my identity. When people pass me on the street and say "feizhouren" (African). I bristle. "Why is this person making assumptions about me? Don't they know Black people live all over the world?" What really gets me is when I tell a taxi driver or shop keeper I'm American and they tell me "bu xiang" (you don't look it) "Don't they KNOW there are Black people in the US?? What? 'cause I'm not White I'm not American?" But then I start thinking "But hey you ARE African ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE AFRICAN. Of course our African-ness isn't the same as those people who are born in raised there but still" With any other ethnicity its perfectly acceptable to identify someone by their continent/country. Asians,Italians, Middle Easterners this type of labeling is alright for everyone but us. We seems to think the label "African" is an accusation. The comment that really gets me is when I walk by and I hear one Chinese say to another. "The Black people are so dark!" hat comment used to really irritate me. Until I realized what a stupid comment is is. (It's not like Chinese people understand the concept of varying shades of blackness. Anyone not dark is not thought of as really Black. Anyone the Love Princess' color or lighter seems to be relegated into another racial category...) So given that they realize I'm Black what are they expecting? Blond hair? Blue eyes?? If I'm talking to a person I'll probably never see again. I say I'm from an African country. Others-usually people I meet through work- who say "oh you're American? I thought you were African. I knew a Nigerian who looks just like you!" I just say that I'm ethically African but an American citizen

Anyway, I've completely digressed. Back to house/pet sitting. As I was sitting there I started feeling sleepy and decided to take the shortest of naps and leave the house at 8. That sleepy feeling is really delusionary. I know good and well I'm not able to take 20 minute naps! But try I did and awoke after 9. The bed was so warm and the house was so peaceful I considered not leaving. But in the end my not wanting to be perceived as a ho who doesn't show up when she says she will prevailed. As I arrived I discovered there weren't many people I knew in attendance. I discovered later *none* of them were planning to attend laser tag. I panicked, looking for an excuse, a phantom illness, appointment that I could claim to get me out of this... but alas I could think of nothing plausible and (again) I didn't want to go the way of the ho. In the end there were able 10 of us. We had a great time. We played three rounds. If you ever have a group of people who need to break the ice I highly recommend laser tag.

I didn't mean to go on so long. The room I'm in is freezing. I'm off to bed.

(I hope everyone states side realizes my time of posting is thirteen hours ahead of you which means while you all are still slavig away at work, my weekend has begun!)

An interesting article about LOTR movie mistakes.
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