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Love Princess ROCKS

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen that's why she's called the LOVE Princess because she does those things that make you LOVE her. Oh Yes. The Love Princess' Christmas Gift arrived today. I walked into work this morning and there was a box on my desk. I debated about ten minutes whether to open it now or wait until Christmas. I noticed the customs declaration form it read "christmas-gift" book. I thought "Christmas Book?" "Why would Amanda get me a book about Christmas and then put it in such a big box?

I opened the book to find ... (drum roll) A RIGHT TO BE HOSTILE THE BOONDOCKS TREASURY


How did the Love Princess know that I have the first two books but was missing this third and most recent part of the collection. Is she the Psychic Love Princess?? Dude!

I'm really worried know because I'm not sure if the LOve Princess can possibly Love what I got her the way I love what she got me . (It does make me glad I decided against sending a fruit basket)

Can I really love this way again?

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