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Ah! Alone again in the office having lunch.

Feels so good!

From now on I will not answer the phone when I am in the office at lunch time! Damn someone just called for Zhang Dong. Chinese people can be so trifling sometimes. When I answered the phone the woman asked to speak to ZD. I said "he's eating now, is this an important matter?" she says "yes. this is his aunt." I get ZD. No when ZD gets on the phone I can hear him saying "I'm eating... that's ok blah blah." In other words she's going to act like she didn't know he was busy and apologize for disturbing him.

For those of you who don't know alot about China: in the name of progress (and the 2008 Olympics) the government wants to do all of this reconstruction so they are making people who live in certain areas move out of their homes so they can be torn down and rebuilt as something that will make China look like a big time country. Anyway Z to the D was one of the many people who got tapped to move. The government will give them a subsidy for their trouble but I guess they had to find a new place BEFORE they knew exactly how much the subsidy would be. Anyway... I'm not clear on all the details but after they quickly bought the new place they decided to sell it and buy an even better place. However now, the new place has been sold, its time to move out of the old place and they have no where to go... So this hurried phone call from his aunt had something to do with that.

Like I was saying about ma doufu. We had it for lunch today! Ma Doufu is a kind of toufu that is very soft and creamy and tastes like a combination of cheese and pate. We haven't had it in forever. Other than that lunch was rather uneventful. If you ask most Americans what they think Chinese people eat for an average meal they'll probably tell you stuff like Toufu, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, tree bark, and the occasional dog. If you ask them what they think we eat they'll probably think something along the lines of what you can find in McDonalds, Pizza Hut and KFC (remind me to finish this KFC/fast food thing later). For the most part we're both wrong.

Chinese people eat a lot more meat than people realize. Not eating is associated with being poor and not being able to afford meat. We eat vegetarian in out office most of the time to keep thecost per person down (we also have two vegetarians in our office) While most foreign guests probably just assume this is how Chinese people eat all the time, Chinese guests ALWAYS remark "oh, you all are eating vegetarian." Anyway, this was just a small cultural point I found amusing and would like to bring up...

(more on us fast food in china later)

BTW, Saddam was captured yesterday. I feel oddly disapointed...
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